AfterOn January 9, 2020, Haier Pakistan held a brand summit with the theme of"Smart Leading Winning".

Brand summit is haier Pakistan's annual routine brand event. Haier smart home scenarios became the star of this year. As of February 7, the brand explosure brought by the summit exceeded 1 billion. Haier Pakistan launched an online activity before 2020 brand seminar “inspiredbyHaier” hashtag challenge, people could participate by uploading videos on social media platform. Haier’s online shop in Pakistan using livestream to induce orders, became the precedent in Pakistan home appliances industry. The participans increased from 800 to more than 2,000 with the arrival of number of “uninvited guests”. Pakistani KOLs and cricket stars at the summit lit up the atmosphere, they volunteered to post videos on platforms such as tik tok, bringing more users to participate in the hashtag challenge. According to the statistic number of tik tok, Pakistan users uploaded 9,216 videos all together, the brand exposure during the brand summit exceeded 200 million. From January 8 to 19, this online activity has been ranked Top1 on Facebook hot topic list. The brand summit also attracted 20 mainstream Pakistani medias, including radio, TV stations,making the event a national focus.

The transformation from traditional high-end product display to scenario-based experience highlights the theme of smart life and Haier's leading position in the industry in Pakistan for 11 consecutive years. The high-tech of smart life not only attracts web celebrity, but also attracts thouands of users. Smart large-screen refrigerator, voice-controlled scenarios, game, baking, zero-distance experience with smart home caught the eyes of participants. A partner was very excited about Haier smart home scenarios. "Haier succeeded again," he said. "it's the best brand I've ever seen."

The brand summit 2020 is the showcase of Haier Pakistan heading towards the ecosystem brand and the global landing of Haier smart home scenarios. This is a grand meeting between Haier Smart Home and users in Pakistan, arousing a hot topic with public participation in Pakistan and forming a craze of "Haier inspire smart life".

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