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AQUA Delie Refrigerators, winner of Good Design Award 2019, came to the market in January. After introduced into more than 2,000 stores in Japan, Delie series became AQUA’s high-end product series that covers most stores.

Delie came from three English words “DElicious LIfe Extend”, meaning "enrich DElicious LIfe." The pronunciation of Japanese “home” is "IE". The combination of "ie" and "Deli" expresses the wish for users to enjoy the most fresh and delicious food at home. Why is Delie so special compared to other high-end refrigerators on the market?

During Search, AQUA found that 94.3% users had the experience of throwing away rotten vegatables. 91.4% users had problems of remembering what was in the fridge and buying unneeded thing. Delie is the first product in the industry whose vegetable room can be seen from the refrigerating chamber. With the maximum freezing space in the same volume, the design of the freezer draws provided a clear view. The constant temperature preservation can prevent the loss of water effectively, keeping the food fresh for more days.

Based on the apperance, the Good Design Award is well deserved.

On November 14 last year, new product launching conference of Delie series was held. Delie has received a lot of praise from users. In the future, Delie series will involve cross-boundary cooperation with ecological parterners to bring more "fresh" experience.

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