Apr.13, 2020 12:35:00 source: China net

On Jan 23 to 24, Haier Europe held annual Kick off meeting in the exclusive Monte – Carlo frame in Monaco. 250 people from all over the world, mostly marketing, brand and commercial teams attended the meeting.

The meeting was themed by “The MultiplHaier”, presenting both the multiple propositions and attendees involved.
The original concept of the word “multi” has been declined in all specific thematic areas: we are here, a year of integration efforts and overall growth with the multi-brand strategy, multi-product proposals, multicultural background, multi-talented and growing staff and the aim of multiplying once again our turnover in the future.

On the first day, Mr. Yannick Fierling made a speech on Haier Strategy & Direction, Mr. Sun Shubao on Haier Europe Strategic Initiatives. And heads of the departments summarized the results of this first Haier Europe year, explaining all goals achieved in every department and, of course, those areas on which they still have to concentrate to create more values.

Kick off meeting is always the occasion to build up the team since in our philosophy “people” are the main value vector. On the second day, an activity “treasure hunt” was organized for team building. Attendees were divided into 30 groups and were asked to reach certain locations of the city and answer to some Haier Europe customized challenges.
After that, all people were invited to a gala dinner, and the teams which contributed most were awarded.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier Europe has always insisted on interaction with users and providing better user experience. In 2020, Haier Europe will set the leading target and make clear the gap to build the ecosystem brand and create more values for users.

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