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Considering the impacts of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Haier has fully mobilized its global supply chain system to ensure its production capacity and product supply for the global customers.

Statistics show that the comprehensive order fill rate has reached high than 90%. Actually, the order fulfillment rate of Haier overseas factories has reached 99.8% in February, ensuring the delivery of more than 60% overseas orders.
In China, with the exception of the three factories in Wuhan, all other factories owned by Haier have been approved by the Chinese Government for official resumption of work on February 10th and are to resume full production within 10 days afterwards. And the overseas order production lines are expected to resume production fully around Feb. 25, ensuring product supply for overseas customers.

Orderly Work Resumption Helps to Ensure Production Capacity
According to the government's guidelines on epidemic prevention, Haier has taken strict countermeasures to prevent and control the epidemic for work resumption in all its factories and offices in China.
Up to now, except for the three factories in Wuhan, all its other factories have resumed work since February 10th.
Haier production lines of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters and kitchen appliances are all expected to resume production by 70% on Feb. 20, and the overseas order production lines are expected to resume production fully around February 25th.

Meanwhile, Haier's key suppliers in China have also realized work resumption, in which 85% of them having resumed work synchronously with Haier. For example, suppliers’ preparation of goods in advance before the Spring Festival has played an important role against the outbreak of the(COVID-19). Those suppliers can provide 92% of the materials as required by Haier's domestic park factories, supply of materials will return to a normal level in about 10 days.
In terms of logistics and distribution, Haier’s logistics team has started to conclude the changes of global ports and shipping policies daily since February 3rd so as to adjust the logistics plan at any time according to the latest policies, provided the required logistics resources in advance, and ensured the normal shipment of 100% orders delivered by the factories.

Strict Epidemic Prevention Measures Guarantee Safety of Staff in Work Resumption
While ensuring the global production capacity and the product supply for global customers and consumers, Haier has taken a full range of strict prevention and control measures in the whole process to provide perfect epidemic prevention measures for our global employees, consumers and customers and protect their health and safety, which has been highly recognized by the local governments and become pilots among local companies.
Officials from Anhui Provincial Party Committee praised that Haier has set an example for enterprises in Anhui in terms of epidemic prevention and work resumption, and appreciated Haier for its contribution in the development of Anhui Province. Secretary of Foshan Municipal Committee said highly of Haier Foshan Industrial Park in resumption of work that it has established a benchmark for local companies. And experts from National Health Commission and officials from local government also spoke fondly of the efforts made by Haier Tianjin Interconnected Washing Machine Factory in epidemic prevention.

Haier has established a complete dynamic tracking and comprehensive prevention and control mechanism. In order to enhance epidemic prevention awareness, Haier has prepared epidemic prevention manuals and epidemic precautions, and trained all the employees by publicizing the above mentioned countermeasures to them every day.
In terms of epidemic prevention supplies, Haier has stored up to 10 days' supplies for the employees in advance, and has initiated reservation of supplies for 8-14 days' subsequent use repeatedly. Before the resumption of work, Haier has identified 70 scenes and numerous situations where the employees may gather together and has taken targeted solutions and countermeasures respectively.
In terms of logistical support, from driving to entering the park, from dining to meeting, from office to travel, and from material preparation to public disinfection, Haier has all carried out field exercises and implemented inspection measures in advance to ensure the safety and health of the employees and the orderly resumption of work.
Haier will continue implementing the various measures to protect the health and safety of its employees while working with the global suppliers and partners together to fight against the epidemic to ensure the global production capacity and supply, and provide high-quality services and products for the global customers and consumers.

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