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On February 14, 2020, Finals of UNIDOL was held. UNIDOL, the hottest event among Japanese college students, an annual girl idol group selection, is a combination of two English words, University and idol. The championship team is selected by online voting of the national audience.
This is the forth time Haier Japan cooperated with UNIDOL. This competition started in December 2019. Participants of UNIDOL carried out zero-distance interaction with college students as “Haier Ambassador " through online platforms, offline campus activities, and other channels.
Ordinary college students became famous overnight through this national competition. Haier also entered the hearts of young Japanese groups with the vitality of youth.

2020 Japan's New Life Season has begun. The new life season is the season when young generation leaves the campus, officially enters the society, and starts an independent life. For the first time, they selected home appliances, set up a new home, and planned their future lives. One of the advantages of Haier's Japanese product lineup is the design perfect for single people and small families. Attracting these college students who are just beginning to live independently will affect their subsequent consumption habits and brand preferences.

The Haier New Life booth and promotional video at the UNIDOL final venue attracted college students who are about to start a new life. In the final, Haier Japan also awarded the "Haier Special Award" to two girl groups who earned huge number of fans during UNIDOL in the final. The two winning teams won the ticket to participate in the Haier Japan TIKTOK Challenge and will continue to interact with users in the Haier Japan TIKTOK Challenge. Haier Japan will work together with the young generations to ignite the desire and longing for a new start.

In addition to supporting the UNIDOL, from January 31, Haier Japan has continuously launched suspense webcast series [Witness Appliances] on Instagram, Twitter, FB, YouTube and other platforms, and the views has exceeded 200,000. This is the third consecutive year that Haier Japan has been interacting with users through short series in the new life period. The creative form anthropomorphizes home appliances. Haier Home Appliances have become partners in the lives of young people, always being there and listening, and experiencing every bit of life with them.

As the excitement of new life is getting stronger, Haier Japan will continue to launch a series of online and offline activities including pop-ups, TIKTOK Challenges, etc., to listen to young people's wishes and demand for a new life, ignite young people's passion, and bring a perfect new life to young Japanese ,and nurture life-long users.

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