Apr.22, 2020 10:54:00 source: China net

On February 25, AQUA Vietnam held Birthday Party for employees who have birthday in Jan and Feb.

The organization of the monthly birthday party aims to express the special care of the AQUA Vietnam to motivate, encourage and appreciate the contributions of individuals to the development of AQUA. Besides, the Birthday Party also creates comfortable moments so that employees in the company have the opportunity to exchange and share with each other.

Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, Chairman of AQUA Vietnam Trade Union had a very practical sharing with all employees present at the Birthday Party and also gave the most meaningful wishes to all employees as well as the sincere thanks to the Board of Directors for paying attention to the staff.

This is the first year that AQUA Vietnam organizes a Birthday Party for employee. AQUA Vietnam will maintain this program as well as other meaningful programs to create a strong attachment between employees and the company for the development of the company in the future.

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