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On February 26, Ynet, a leading Israeli website, published an article entitled " Advanced technology, uncompromising design: Haier, the world’s No. 1 household appliance and Israel's leading refrigerator brand, is launching new products for the smart home of the future”

Haier is one of the fastest-growing home appliance brands in the past few years. Within just four years since entering the Israeli refrigerator category, Haier became the leader of the 4-door segment. A year ago, Haier entered the air conditioning category and had made a place for itself. The combination of advanced technology, careful design, and peace of mind, Haier is leading the market with creative technologies and breakthrough design.

The brand’s inverter refrigerators come with the Smart Coolomgh system for optimal, evenly distributed cooling in all parts of the refrigerator.

The company’s air conditioners feature 3D Airflow technology, which distributes the air automatically to create a feeling of natural airflow. Additional functions include the Auto Mode, which switches automatically from cooling to heating according to the ambient temperature, and Auto Restart following a power shutdown. All models can be controlled over Wi-Fi from the smartphone.

Haier’s TV displays, which were launched in Israel just recently, offer 4K resolution and seven watching mode and F2R 600Hz image enhancing technology.

The brand’s advanced washing machines come with a wave drum that improves the washing process and garment protection. A range of programs come with built-in anti-bacterial treatment, which removes over 99.8% of the bacteria.

The future is in the smart home, and Haier is already there.

In recent years, Haier has been implementing a clear strategy of advancing smart home products, based on the household’s “seven platforms”: the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the balcony. The new products target the users’ needs for air, water, garment protection, safety, entertainment, health, and information. Haier’s U+ Platform connects all parts of the home to a single system, creating a comprehensive, user-focused experience.

The Internet of Food Platform, for example, connects the refrigerator with various appliances, the air conditioning system, the washing machine, and more to enable smart cooking, smart maintenance, and intelligent environmental setting. The platform connects the refrigerator also to hundreds of Haier’s suppliers and partners to allow the users to order groceries directly from the farm, track their delivery and receive recipe recommendations based on their nutritional preferences.

The Internet of Clothing platform allows the users to track the garment’s life cycle away from the washing machine with artificial intelligence and Big Data. The future washing machines will identify the brand, the color and the style of the garment to provide the precise amount of laundry detergent and the right washing program. The U+ Connect app will allow users to replenish the stock of washing detergents with a click of the button.

Haier Israel is developing from a high-end brand to a scenario brand and ecosystem brand to create a healthier and smarter life experience for Israeli users.

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