Apr.29, 2020 10:37:32 source: China net

Opened on March 7, Haier brand store in Khon kaen prefecture, Thailand, has become the no. 1 store according to sales volume in the local home appliance industry.

The 650 square meters Haier brand store in Khon kaen, attracted wide attention on the opening day. In addition to Facebook, Khon kaen, the local largest social website, TV channels as well as radios, the brand stores interacted with users in multiple ways. The eye catching Haier Blue in billboards and flags gathered the attention of Thai users. Local government, social personage attended the opening ceremony. The mayor of in Khon kaen prefecture also happily introduced the leading functions of Haier self-clean air to the guests on site. The presented guests spoke highly of Haier’s brand image and game-changing products.

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