2020 Haier Thailand Factory H1 Summary Meeting

Aug.03, 2020 15:57:44 source: China net

On 18th July, Haier Thailand Factory had organized “2020 HTC Half-Year performance Meeting & Management Team Outing” held at The Bonanza Resort Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.


The morning session is summarized H1 performance achievement from each HOD, to distribute how they achieve in their projects sharing experience to all participate management and staffs over 120 people attended.

In Summary, Haier Thailand Factory is doing better than last year, growth rate gains 123%, the overall Thailand Factory achievement growth rate is 107% compare budget.


During afternoon session, All staffs had joined bonding activities such as Ice-breaking games to deepen friendships between staffs and joined team building activities to learn benefits about teamwork, team management, communication, coordination, wariness and customer focus from each team building activities.


In the evening, Haier Thailand Factory also held “H1 Performance Awards Ceremony” to reward staffs and leaders who have good work performances, which include Operator Best Efficient Award, Leader-Line Best KPI performance Award, Staff Best Efficient Award, Best Improvement Award and HOD Best performance Award for individual staff

And the last one is Best Team Award which reward for the best three team in Haier Thailand factory, which have best Quality Improvement Team to AQUA team, Best Project Implement Team to Window AC team and Best of Budget Control Team to F&A Team.

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