Haier Freezer Thailand Achieved Top1

Aug.07, 2020 10:48:37 source: China net

In July, Haier Freezers achieved the growth of revenue and profits, registered a YOY growth of 113% and ranked 1st in retail share in Thailand.

Products: helping users save on electricity bill

As a refrigeration equipment works 24 hours a day, the power consumption of the freezer is large.

Thus, the Thailand freezer team first conducted user research in the local area. They found that in addition to energy-saving needs, users also hoped that the freezer should be ‘installed more’ and ‘be able to store fresh’.

The team communicated with after-sales nodes to promote compressor certification, and layout energy consumption testing. Finally, the user's electricity bill can be greatly saved.

It also achieved breakthroughs in refrigeration freezing conversion and long-term preservation. During the epidemic, the sales share of the freezer in the Thai market reached 43.9%.

Scenarios: customized health life scenarios for users

The Thai freezer team focused on various needs of local users, integrating freezers into multiple life scenarios.

Offline products are promoted via ‘Experimental cloud live streaming’ in collaboration with the dealers.

At present, Haier freezers have entered 140 of the 189 stores of channel S nationwide in Thailand. Haier freezers share reached 61.3%, ranking 1st among all brands in channel S.

Next, Haier Freezers Thailand plans to collaborate with local channels to launch high-end products from the perspective of users .

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