Haier Pakistan: Haier Snap Shots 2.0 Launched

Aug.14, 2020 13:53:22 source: China net

On August 8, 2020, the Haier SnapShots 2.0 campaign officially kicked off in Pakistan, which is also the second interactive activity launched across the world after last year’s Haier SnapShots 1.0.

It is learned that since last year when the first Haier SnapShots was launched to interact with global users, nearly one million users from more than 100 countries have successively participated in the campaign and uploaded more than 1500 photos, each one of which is laden with the brand stories of Haier Smart Home around the world. This time, Haier SnapShots 2.0 will record the globalization and stories of Haier Smart Home with photos or videos, to further display the company’s globalization achievements via users' lens.

Haier SnapShots 2.0 has been first launched on Haier Pakistan's official Facebook platform. During this one-month activity, Italian chefs are invited to make delicious food from different countries through Haier smart kitchen and share recipes and cooking methods with users at 1:00 p.m. (local time) every Saturday. While watching gourmet cooking, users can also join in the topics on Facebook and upload photos or videos of like a foodie with Haier elements, to participate in Haier SnapShots 2.0.

Pakistan is selected as the first stop for this campaign because Haier Smart Home has become the No.1 brand there - it has maintained its first position in market share for four consecutive years. In the first half of this year, its high-end products grew by 50%, continuing to lead the development of Pakistan's home appliance industry. When COVID-19 was spreading in Pakistan in the first half of this year, Haier Smart Home donated 2,5000 grain packages, 50,000 masks, as well as goggles, protective suits and other medical supplies, winning praise from the local government and the people and also receiving a thank-you letter from the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing.

Today, in Pakistan's home appliance market, Haier Smart Home has also established smart home experience stores, to start customizing a better life for local consumers through smart appliances and creating ecosystem brands.

With its globalization journey lasting over 20 years, Haier Smart Home has secured "the largest retail sales volume among global large-scale household appliance brands" 11 times. After completing the brand layout for globalization, Haier Smart Home set out to take the lead in building IoT ecosystem brands globally. The Haier Snap Shots 2.0 campaign to record the moments in Haier Smart Home's creation of ecosystem brands, also let users join in building the ecosystem of Haier Smart Home.

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