AQUA Vietnam Supports for DA NANG Hospitals

Aug.14, 2020 13:59:46 source: China net

In the cirscumstance of Covid-19 pandemic is more complicated, AQUA Vietnam has joined hands with Da Nang City Department of Health, to allocate electrical products to 14 Da Nang hospitals.

In recent days, Da Nang has continuously recorded many new case,the situation is becoming serious as lacking of basic necessities, medial tools, equipments.

Through this support, AQUA hopes that the doctors, patients will get a better environment as our products will help them from washing clothes, storing food to preserving medicines to fight against Covid-19.

For instance, MagicCooling refrigerators can help them adjust the five functions of the freezer according to the stored ingredients, and its sterilization function can also meet the needs of hospitals for storing epidemic-related drugs.

AQUA Vietnam always pay attention to the real-time social needs. Before, AQUA Vietnam had launched a voluntary blood donation event along with Miss Vietnam, joining their hands to support the blood banks.

During the difficult days of trying to fight against the COVID-19 fears, AQUA Vietnam has practiced its corporate social responsibility with all sectors of society.

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