Users' Paints of the No.1 Freezer in Japan

Aug.14, 2020 14:02:41 source: China net

On August 5, Haier Japan received a user feedback from their employee. Mr. Yoshinari shared his experience of buying Haier JF-NUF138B to bring a healthy life to his family.

Yoshinari’s son and daughter are interested in this new 'family member' and couldn’t wait moving their ice-creams into the 'new house'. They also painted pictures to memorize this moment.

“The large capacity and long-time preservation of the freezers can meet our need to grocery once a week during the pandemic.” Yoshinari said, adding that the freezer is small and 50cm in width, so it won’t take up extra space in the kitchen.

“When you open the door, you will find all ingredients at a glance due to its vertical design and transparent drawers.” Yoshinari’s wife believed that the quick-freeze function was very practical to store such fresh food as sashimi.

Haier freezers gain wide recognition among Japanese users through meeting personalized demands. In July, its sales increased by 128% year on year and the primacy index reached 1.5 Haier freezers have ranked No.1 with 40% market share for 3 consecutive months.

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