Aug.27, 2020 10:30:32 source: China net

From August 20 to 22, Haier Pakistan held the 2020 Rendanheyi Localization Summit themed building ecosystem brands in the IoT era.

This summit aims to fully unleash the potential of employees and mobilize them to embrace the target.

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held online covering two countries and three places at the same time. It consists of a summary session of the first half of 2020 & 2021 strategy release on August 20, a sales coordination communication session on August 21, as well as a resource-matching session of all industry and the trade company and the headquarters, a capacity VAM between trading companies and the factories, and other sessions on August 22.

All EMCs of Haier Pakistan are fully connected to face the challenges together. At the meeting, the team members who have brought value-added also received commendation and full recognition from their team.

Li Dapeng, General Manager of Haier Pakistan, pointed out the direction for Haier Pakistan's future development at the meeting: Haier Pakistan EMCs' overall target for 2021 is to maintain their leading position in three aspects: lead the market with the largest overall share, lead the trend of transformation from high-end brands to scenario brands to ecosystem brands, and lead in models with the localized Rendanheyi model.

As for the company's strategy for the next year, Haier Pakistan EMCs also seek to transform again, with an aim to fully cover the needs of Pakistani users via the transformation from high-end brands to smart scenario brands and double-brand operation strategy, to drive the local brand creation with the Rendanheyi model and advance the continuous upgrading of products, user services, whole-process user experience, information-based system and operation system, and drive Haier Pakistan's home appliances to transform towards Internet of Things and realize the rapid development of the EMCs with high profit.

During the meeting, all EMCs fully communicated and coordinated with each other,and jointly entered a VAM on the new target to ensure that the strategy set for 2021 is implemented as scheduled. Due to the pandemic, Haier Pakistan EMCs encountered huge challenges in the first half of this year, but local makers did not use the pandemic as an excuse. Instead, they worked together with the ecosystem partners to actively fight against the pandemic and pursue win-win results, accelerate the construction of e-commerce channels, and bring new shopping experience and fashionable and healthy lifestyle to local users through regular crowd streaming and opening live streaming, so as to jointly create a smart and beautiful life. Haier Pakistan EMCs’ self-organization and self-motivation will surely speed up the pace of IoT brands to lead the local market.

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