Haier Indonesia(AQUA) Held H1 Summary Meeting

Aug.27, 2020 10:39:24 source: China net

On August 18th, Haier Indonesia(AQUA)held 2020 H1 Summary Meeting, summarized the market performance in H1, rewarded excellent employees, and announced the budgeted plan for 2020 H2 and 2021.

Kenji Sadayuki, President Director of Indonesia Trading Company, released the strategic goal of HSI for 2021, to adhere to brand-building in Indonesia, and HSI will start to operate ‘Haier’ brand for B2B and E-Commerce business in order to support diversified channel strategy, and enhance synergies between ‘AQUA’ and ‘Haier’ in the market.

The event was followed by employee rewarding. Also, the ‘Special Appreciation’ which was specially made considering during the pandemic period, who did not stop doing field work to keep our business continuity operation. To show gratitude towards this effort, it is given to 10 HODs those representing all employees who have been work hard during pandemic situation.

Following user needs-oriented, Haier Indonesia has launched online transformation this year, WC achieved the Top1 and REF achieved the Top3 in online channel share from Jan to July. In 2020 H2, HSI will insist on customizing the better life for users and adhering to the IoT-oriented transformation, to spearhead the global brand creation.

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