List of Global Synergy & Innovation Award

Aug.27, 2020 10:46:31 source: China net

To appreciate the efforts made by Haier entrepreneurs in building brand, and encourage more entrepreneurs to explore market opportunities and innovate in working, Haier Smart Home has released the list of Global Synergy & Innovation Award.

In the August, among the 12 teams nominated by the committees, 10 members of 6 teams won the award.


• Breaking the traditional B2B2C model in Singapore

• Building online channels rapidly


• Entered the four major online channels in Thailand

Procurement Committee

• Fully leveraging the large order of refrigerator compressors for optimized procurement cost.

Brand & Culture

• GEA: High-end brand continues its leadership, Café continues to increase by >20%

• Haier Europe: Milan No. 1 smart home store, leading the IoT smart life experience

• Japan AQUA: Digital transformation, online ignition, enhance the reputation


• Supplement cash flow and financing support during the COVID-19


• Smart HQ key component

• Subscription growth 300%

With efforts on brand building and innovation in working, the above mentioned EMCs and entrepreneurs have made breakthroughs one after another.

In the next stage, they will continue to innovate to create more values for global customers and clients, and build the premium brand, scenario brand and ecosystem brand step by step.

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