Haier Thailand won the BUSINESS+ Award

Aug.31, 2020 10:51:27 source: China net

On August 25, Haier Thailand won the 2020 Business+ Product Innovation Awards for its differentiated health product advantages of Navi cooling Refrigerator and Purify Cool VIP Air Conditioner.

As local users’ needs for cold drinks and refrigeration due to the hot weather, Haier Thailand Refrigerator team upgraded product solutions, and launched Navi-cooling and Navi-cooling+ series Refrigerator.

The uniqueness lies in the ‘Two-Door and Three-Compartment’ food storage and MAGIC Room preservation with precise temperature control and homemade smoothies, gained users reputation in Thailand.

As the ‘Healthy Air Provider’ of local users, Haier Thailand focused users’ demand for self-cleaning, antibacterial and haze removal, launched Purify Cool VIP Air Conditioner which can absorb the PM2.5 excessive smoke. Also, it realized the upgrade of the healthy air routes from self cleaning to self purification and then to self sterilization.

In the future, Haier Thailand, which focuses on user needs, will continue to lead the industry innovation, aiming at high-end transformation and evolving to the IoT ecological brand.

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