AQUA WM Ultrasonic Series is Released

Aug.31, 2020 11:04:51 source: China net

At 11:30 am on August 28, local time, the launch of AQUA Washing Machine Ultrasonic series was held in Shibuya, Tokyo. The event was also invited on-site users to experience the launch through LINE LIVE.

In Japan, 80% of users are accustomed to hand-washing collars, sleeves and other parts’ stains before using washing machine, which not only prolongs the care time of the clothes and damages hands skin, but may also decrease the cleaning effects. To address that pain point for users, AQUA Japan released the Ultrasonic series washing machine.

During the event, AQUA Japan invited users to experience the ultrasonic function on site. With users' hands free from water, through the ultrasonic washing function, combined with automatic detergent injection and 3D powerful washing, the stubborn dirt on the collar was removed in only 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, AQUA Japan released videos of smart scenarios with ultrasonic washing through online platform, like YouTube etc. Also, users can intuitively experience the functions of Ultrasound series washing machine through VR online.

At present, Ultrasonic series washing machine has been confirmed to be launched into 5000 offline stores in Japan. Following the implementation of TZ series Refrigerators, Japan EMC adheres to the high-end brand strategy and created the Ultrasonic series washing machine, which continues to lead the industry.

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