After performance in Haier‘s Got Talent in Japan,Mr. Kuwano, Marketing Manager of Haier Japan, told us a consistant project of Haier Japan :What AQUA did is build a cross-industry bridge

In 2019, Haier New Life series ranked No.1 at the market. Behind the remarkable performance, Haier is silently undertaking social responsibility, active in social public welfare, especially in a critical moments.

Mr. Kuwano said,“in the face of huge natural disasters, What Haier could do amazed me. ”

Here are some reports from Haier’s aid in some natural disasters recent years.

Heisei 28

Kumamoto Earthquake

September 7, 2016

It can be said that the shelters for victims has begun to be sorted out. But in that situation, there's a lot more work to be done. One of them is home appliances.

"As long as you have home appliances, you can live a normal life."

September 1-2 in response to the needs of the earthquake victims, the support was organized. A Large home appliance enterprise provided support of home appliances products. This enterprise is Haier. This time, more than 160 units including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners were distributed to the victims. From Tokyo to kumamoto, Haier Japan's employees were sweating with the partners.

One of the impressive aspects of the campaign is the precise delivery of vast quantities of supplies to those in need. After the kumamoto earthquake, during the rescue activities, lot of voice wish to have some home appliances to start a new life was heard. Haier, which provided supplies during the Hiroshima mudslide, is again helping victims of the kumamoto earthquake.

September 9, 2016

On the afternoon of Sept. 1, two large trucks arrived at the warehouse, kumamoto prefecture. The shipment was more than 160 units of home appliances provided by Haier. Note of the destination of the appliances has been put on the outer case.

On the spot there are people came in person for pick up. "It's a great help for us to move into a temporary residence right now." "Now the new life can began! The victims expressed their gratitude.

Japan is a country suffered a lot from natural disasters. Facing natural disasters, as an international Corporate Haier from China, Haier gave a helping hand more than once to the affected people under the spirit of "community of Shared future for mankind".

September 5, 2017 (Heisei 29)

Haier has provided 82 units of washing machines and microwave ovens to help people in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures in the north of Kyushu after the rainstorm. In the past period of time, Haier provided products such as aid materials, to help people to rebuild their lives.

October 18, 2018 (Heisei 30)

Heisei 30 July, western Japan was hit by heavy rain. To help people rebuild their lives, Haier provided freezers, microwave ovens and other appliances.

These are the stories remained secrets. But the action of CSR will be continued, Haier will tried the best to help those who are in need.

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