The Entrance to Smarter Life for Hundreds of Millions of Families: Haier Smart Home App Launched.

On December 26, Haier announced the new strategy stage: Ecological Brand Strategy Stageon the ceremony of the 35 years anniversary of entrepreneurship. Haier Smart Home APPwas also launched on this special moment.

Haier Smart Home APP gives users a full scenario option for smarter life, from design a smart home, to build a smart home and provide active service to the users that living in the smart home. Different from the traditional online trading platform and remote control platform, it covers the whole process and could customize base on users ‘individual needs. And it will also keep self-developing to smarter solutions according to user habits, and continuously optimize users’ experience.

In the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Haier’s entrepreneurship on December 26, an immersive live broadcasting on smart home scenarios was conducted in the APP. With 12 scenario anchors Haier Smart Home Experience Center No. 1 showcased 5 Smart Spaces and 7 Whole House Solutions for users to experience.

Haier Smart Home APP is not just an entrance for smart home, but Haier's Smart Home’s full scenarios advantages on the mobile terminal. There are numerous supporting systems behind it, which is the accumulation of years of Haier’s dedication on smart home. Haier Smart Home has been consistently make progress on transformation to Ecological Brand in the era of loT.

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