Taiko is an important instrument in Japanese traditional folk music kagura, dengaku and furyu. In the Asuka Period (593-686), Taiko was used as a military instrument. In the Heian Period (794-1192), Taiko began to be used for agricultural and sacrificial events.

But this particular taiko performance was performed by employees from Haier Japan. Mr. Miyashita is the strategic PR senior manager of Japan Region, and Mr. Kuwano is the marketing manager of Haier Japan. After this soul-stirring performance, the two players opened their hearts and shared with us their experience with Haier.

Q: What Taiko means to you, and to Japan in your mind?

Kuwano: I started to play taiko since childhood. Through "Yamato Taiko" I met many friends. It is a good communication tool for me. It fits rhythm of heartbeat, was once used to boost morale before the war. It is one of the traditional performing arts in Japan. No language is needed for playing Taiko, which can easily cross the cultural barrier.

Miyashita: For me, before I start to do something, I use Taiko to inspire and encourage myself. It’s sacred to Japan, and it usually played during sacrificial activities.

Q: How do you feel about playing Taiko on Haier’s stage this time?

Kuwano: I enjoyed it and had a great time. Thanks to Miyashita’s great idea

Miyashita: It was a crazy idea for me at first, but when I heard the cheers and applauses from the audience, we finished the performance with joy.

Q: What is the thing you feel most proud of during working with Haier?

Kuwano: I work as the Marketing Manager of Haier Japan. In recent years, our publicity strategy has been highly recognized. Here I want to share some practices that we are proud of: First is the series Home Appliances in Love, that was specific for the new life season which is the first step for young Japanese after college to walk into the society and stand on their own feet. This series of short films with the joining of famous Japanese voice actors and actresses quickly got into the hearts of young Japanese. Social medias are important channels for us to communicate with our users, so we designed a lot of interactive activities. Of course, there is also the special website of Urban Café, which is the featured series in the new life season. We have devoted a lot of efforts to this website to highlight its' distinctive design style. This year, this customized series has grown in four times speed.

Miyashita: I am senior PR strategy manager for Japan Region. Joined AQUA in July 2018, I am in charge of public relations, working with large companies such as FamilyMart in the community laundromat program. AQUA cross-industry laundromat cooperated with the Chain Store FamilyMart, has opened 9 branches, from Honshu to Hokkaido. But my most proud moment was when AQUA walks into the eyes of global users. Like when AQUA dishwasher was launched in October 2018, I was very proud that it was featured on the famous TV program "World Business Satellite" of TV Tokyo. GTW washing and drying all-in-one machine launched in 2019, and was selected as Hero Product on the famous TV show "Megahit Research Institute", and won the recognition of users, I am very proud that I could contribute to make those happen. AQUA community Laundromat has always been the first share in Japan, these made my very proud.

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