Haier Refrigerator has ranked the top in sales for 11 consecutive years in the globe. What achievements has Haier made this year? Haier Russia gives the answer.

In the Russian market, which has been monopolized by European, Korean, Japanese and American brands for a long time, Haier Refrigerator has achieved the first market share in multi door refrigerator market through high-end brand building and distinct competitiveness.

Not only has the multi door refrigerator played the leading role, but now Haier Refrigerator's overall share in Russia has also entered the TOP 3. According to the first three quarters data released, Haier refrigerator accounts for 12.8% market share in Russia, ranking the second in the market.

In Russia, Haier Refrigerator has achieved the leading of self-owned branding, but also the leading of high-end branding, and customized high-end life experience for users. In consideration of the Russian habit of having snacks at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Haier has launched the refrigerator with large capacity and independent drawers in the freezing area, which is favored by users for meeting the needs to store a large number of food.

In local high-end market of multi door refrigerators, Haier accounted for 54.8%, an increase of 10.3% year on year, ranking 1st in the industry. The Top 10 multi door refrigerator models in the local region are all from Haier.

With the advantage of localized R & D, manufacturing and sales, Haier Refrigerator has met the personalized needs of users. With the coming of IoT era, Haier also develops the scenarios and ecosystem to the global market to promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.s

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