What AQUA did is build a cross-industry bridge

On November 26, Famima laundromat opened its first store in Hokkaido. It is also the Familymart's ninth laundry shop in Japan. As an AQUA community laundromat eco-partner, Famima Laundromat use laundry equipment and IOT cloud systems provided by AQUA. The laundromat and convenience store are set together to provide better laundry experience for users.

On one side is a convenience store, and on the other side a community laundromat consisting of AQUA washing machine, dryer, all-in-one washer, shoe washer, and pet supplies washer. Cross-border collaboration has rewritten the community laundry scenarios, offering more possibilities for Japanese users. AQUA supplied Laundromats are equipped with IoT system that allows users to search nearby stores and vacant machines on mobile phone. And when the laundry is finished it could also sent a reminder message. Convenience stores also have laundry bags and other laundry supplies on shelves. Community laundry has become an important part of the Japanese user .The community laundromat with anti-bacterium program, is an important choice of Japanese user when the laundry involves curtain, bedding, bulky clothing and also natural and delicate fabrics such as silk, cotton and hemp that needs to send to dry cleaner. So far, AQUA has 8 million registered users.

On March 1, 2018, in Chiba prefecture, the first store of cross-border cooperation between AQUA community and Familymart was opened, marking a new age of unmanned, Shared and 24-hour laundry ecosystem. On May 25, shop no. 2 in Tokyo was opened. Now, AQUA is expanding community laundromat scenario from Honshu to Hokkaido. The chairman and President of the Familymart and the representative of AQUA Japan attended the opening ceremony. NHK, Nikkei and other 10 Japanese media reported on the ceremony." It is a great honor to provide Hokkaido users a pleasant laundry experience," said the representative of AQUA Japan. The Familymart President made it clear that the famima laundromat will be expanded to 300 by 2021.

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