Extra Ordinary

Haier Indonesia (AQUA) held an annual National Partners Gathering from November 20-22, 2019, with the theme "Extra Ordinary". The event was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Nusa Dua Bali and attended by the best AQUA partners from all over Indonesia.

The gala dinner was attended by the Management of PT Haier Sales Indonesia and President Director of AQUA Indonesia Mr. Kenji Sadayuki and also the HQ Representative Haier Global Company Mr. Sun Xianbo. Before starts, partners can see the product line-up exhibition that will be released in 2020. Until the third quarter of 2019, the growth of the home appliances market in Indonesia increased by 5.9%. The biggest contribution came from refrigerator products with an increase of 10.2% and washing machines with an increase of 8.7%.

"In 2019, we are optimistic that the market for household electronic equipment will increase again. We will continue to focus on expanding sales of Mid-High products, following our goal to become one of the leading home appliances brands in Indonesia." Sadayuki said in the opening. Mr. Kenji Sadayuki also invited the present partners to continue working with AQUA to continue to increase sales by selling products with the latest and innovative technology owned by AQUA.

According to the head of the product planning department of AQUA Indonesia, Meiriano Ulman, next year AQUA will give more freedom for Indonesia families to do more in their lives with technology, products, and innovative solutions from AQUA products.

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