Haier AC Testing Lab

HNR AC Testing Lab is certified from Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) which authorized Haier AC Lab to conduct tests for internal and external customers against ISO/IEC 5151:2017 standard specifications of the product. This is the first ever AC Testing Laboratory in Pakistan since 2002 and added updated lab in 2015. Air Enthalpy Lab for AC Testing with Implementation of Lab Quality Management System (LQMS) based on ISO 17025:2017. Through this testing laboratory, Haier is able to bring continuous improvement in AC products and offer energy efficient products in Pakistan Market.

This Lab can test various air conditioners: Split Type, CAC (Commercial Air Conditioner), Window type air conditioners, etc. Through testing laboratory following can be measured: Cooling Capacity, Heating Capacity, EER/COP, Air Volume and so on. Testing reports issued by PNAC accredited laboratories are recognized worldwide by MRA members that span across more than 70 Countries. SGS Pakistan helped HNR Testing lab in developing procedures based on ISO 17025:2017.

Haier Air Conditioner is leading the market for 13 consecutive years, and keeps developing smart, efficient and healthy air solution products to exceed users’ expectations through continuous improvement. Accreditation gives competitive edge by underlying assurance that organizations are adhering to internationally recognized standards. Pakistan is moving towards energy labelling and Energy Standards can only be validated through accredited lab. Accredited AC Lab will pave the path for energy standards development. Accredited Lab results are accepted worldwide, minimum risk, better quality & energy efficient products and coordinating with NEECA (National Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) for energy labelling standards in Pakistan.

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