"Well done Haier!"

Antony Reed, a Service Engineer of Hoover Candy, lately shared his own experience of HW100 washing machine.

“My wife and I cannot believe how quiet it is. I was so impressed with the Haier washing machine. I have persuaded my sister to buy a HW90, my neighbor a HW100 and a customer I went this week a HW100”, emailed from Antony.

How good is this washing machine? Let’s take a look at the evaluation of Which, a British authoritative magazine.

Haier HW120-B14876 freestanding washing machine is a big beast, make no mistake about it. The drum is so roomy that you can wash a 12kg mountain of laundry in one go and this means that two weekly washes could be cut to one with this wash day behemoth in your home.

Under the water temperature of 40 °C, Haier washing machine removed the stains on cotton cloth and synthetic fiber thoroughly. Both the washing and low noise performance are excellent.

Haier Washing Machine is not only quiet, but also excellent in laundry. According to Which, Haier washing machine has a full score of 5 in comprehensive cleaning, cotton and linen cleaning, chemical fiber cleaning and other aspects.

Apart from low noise performance, with its large capacity and 525mm large cylinder, this washing machine also provides users with thoughtful services.

Quiet, clean and considerate! This is the Haier HW series washing machine. Take it home, you won’t need worry about the laundry of heavy clothes in winter.

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