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On Nov. 27, AQUA Vietnam organized a training on fire prevention and fighting, and rehearsed the firefighting plan for AQUA fire prevention with the supports from Fire and Rescue Police Department of Dong Nai Province.

During the training, firefighting team members were disseminated general issues about fire protection system, statistics of major fires, assessment of recent fire situation in the area, basic knowledge of fire protection.

In addition, the members of the fire prevention and fighting team were also introduced to the fire prevention and fighting equipment, the use of steering wheel, fire hydrants, etc., and rehearsed local firefighting plan with a simulated situation at factory.

The drill gave each one the opportunity to apply the trained knowledge to handle situations arising at the factory to minimize the damage caused by fire. This is also an opportunity for the staff to improve the sense of responsibility in preventing fire.

In the future, AQUA Vietnam will organize more trainings on safety as well as practical drills to improve skills of employees.

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