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Thailand will become the second country in the world, after China, enjoying 5G Shared AC. Haier IOT AC with built-in 5G chips for rent, can be connected to the Internet automatically when plug on and unlocked automatically when payment finish, thus saving the cost of buying the AC. Scanning code on the APP, and it only takes 30 seconds to turn on. The sharing economy has provided new options for Thailand's 18 million people who live in a rented accommodation. PWC forecasts that the global sharing economy will exceed $335 billion by 2025.

On December 18, Haier Thailand held the 2020 strategy release conference in Bangkok, which was also the event of "leading in electronical appliances, creating ecosystem brand". More than 1,000 ecological stakeholders participated. Haier led the establishment of the Thai IoT Association and released 5G Shared AC solutions. In China, Haier has achieved large-scale commercialization of 5G technology. Haier 5G Shared ACs have been installed in more than 300 colleges and universities in China, ranking first in the rental market of colleges and universities. Landing in Thailand, Haier 5G Shared AC officially opened the global layout.

5G shared AC got its user foundation in Thailand. According to the Thai market data, Haier AC is the top three in the Thai market and the No.1 of in the Chinese Brands. In 2019, Haier AC increased by more than 50%. In Global House, the largest building material channel in Thailand, it ranked first. In addition to the launch of 5G AC in Thailand, the strategy launching meeting showcased the smart home scenarios in multiple living spaces. Participants experienced the life scenarios with smart home appliances active service. Multiple large strategic collaborations with big-name ecological stakeholders was also announced, Attracted more than 20 major Medias’ live coverage. After the press conference, present stakeholders yelled to join the industrial ecosystem and meet the budget target for the first quarter of 2020 with Haier all together.

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