What is Honorable?

In Haier, being there for the users

is the most honorable thing.

On December 20, From Zero to one, with people first, Haier Smart Home most honorable entrpreneur award ceremony held at the tip of the iceberg, 100 representers was awarded as the most honorable entreperneurs while 60,000 people joined online participating in this ceremony that honor the contribution of the entreperneurs.

Five of the awarded entreperneurs Shared their stories:

SongMeiyan, most honorable promoter
After receiving a phone call from a user, Ms.Wu, she fixed and cleaned the refrigerator for Ms.Wu's mother, and reorgnized the food materials, which was just a small thing that Song Meiyan did. It was this kind of small things that she insisted on doing brought her ¥920,000 orders.

Klokov Vyacheslav, most honorable promoter Overseas
klokov, is the ranked No.1 promoter in Russia. He is good at comparing Haier's advantaged differenciations and bringing the best experience to users. In the future, Haier Russia will bring more smart solutions for Russian Users.

LvYang, most honorable R&D Engineer
In Haier' open innovation platforms, R&D engineers, Lv Yang's team, design the generalization, modular power supply panel. the team with 10 people to create ¥25,000,000 profit with one project in 2019.

YanYaquan, most honorable Service Engineer
In a snowing New Year's eve, Yan Yaquan rushed to users' home within one hour to help users fix a AC which is not a not haier brand. It is this kind of sincere, he is running a brand store now.

DaiZeyu, most honorable technician
Dai Zeyu, who has achieved zero welding defects, said, Our goal is to have zero defects, no matter what it takes. Because we want every user enjoy their Haier products.

COSMOPlat GuanXiangzhen

While German companies are still discussing the landing of Industry 4.0, Haier has already got eight interconnected factories around the world. The most rare thing is that Haier encourages those who have dreams to start a business, I started from the RV industry, exploring the path of manufacturing upgrade and model transformation.

IoC·Sun Chuanbin

One printer, two camp beds, three partners , last June, our business journey begin, after eating instant noodles in countless days, we grow from 3 to more than 30 people, and become profitable in the first year. Turn the impossible into possible, the road to entrepreneurship is endless.

Haier Russia·Sun Zhenhua

Haier Russia is a miniature and sample of haier's overseas high-end brand creation and terminal transformation strategy. Through continuous interactive innovation, we launched more than 40 customized refrigerators, took the lead in launching smart and healthy ACs. Our promoters keep communicating with users. In the future, we will build more smart scenario solutions.

Haier Russia·Sun Zhenhua

The entrepreneurs who have been working in Haier for 1, 10, 20, 30 and 35 years expressed their most sincere feelings and best wishes:

Ge Ruige: A year ago, I was lucky enough to attend the 920 summit as an interpreter. On Haier platform, people's ability and value are more important than seniority and rank.

Zang Zhaoqiang: 10 years, I started from an ordinary customer service in the call center, Now I am in charge of part of Haier Tmall's Business. In Haier, I believe anything is possible.

Wang Zhengyue: joined Haier 20 years, what I am most proud of is the refregerator which I participated in development has already entered 2 million user home globally.

Gu Yumei: I gave up Beijing Design institute which everyone keen to get in, and now, I am envied by others because I joined Haier. My exploration in Haier is not only the first time for haier, but also the first time for the industry.

Yang Jinglin:I workead in Haier for 35 years, I witnessed Haier from the begining to now, from Qingdao to global market, It was Haier that made all my dream come true.

Words from Mr. Liang

Since its establishment, Haier has been exploring how to realize the value of people and build a platform for entrepreneurs to create value and realize their self-value. Entrepreneurs’ 100% input is what touched the users, and the trust of users became the honor for our entrepreneurs. Only entrepreneurs realizing their self-value, can we satisfied the users globally. Today, the stories of the most honorable entrepreneurs touched us, and we are looking forwards to more and more entrepreneur realizing their dream on Haier’s platform.

On Haier's platform, nothing will be missed, especially the growth of every entreperneurs!

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