2020·Hold On To The Memories Chapter 2

Jul.05, 2020 10:53:03 source: China net


Please see our heart-warming, motivational and inspiring collection of our Haier Europe colleagues in the UK sharing their special moments during COVID-19. Alex BURROWS, our Human Resources Administrator, UK & ROI is proud to showcase:The Social Circle which create weekly challenges and themed Friday’s where colleagues have a chance of winning prizes and build relationships with their colleagues that they wouldn’t normally have contact with.

Challenge No.1 A Roll of Toilet Paper

Jamie King, FSE won the challenge, You Shoot, You Score.

David Beatie, CSA won the challenge, How many toilet roll kickie-uppies can you do with out dropping the roll.

Challenge No.2 Your Manager

There was also challenge your manager competitions, where colleagues can vote to see their manager do challenges set by the social committee. This can be very entertaining.
Stuart Snowden, OTC Supervisor

Paul Gardner, Resource Planning Manager

Challenge No.3 Your Tougue and Of Course Your Literature Talent

Jackie Denney and Natasha McNulty, Customer Service Advisors and their experience of Lockdown during Covid-19 through a rap and a poem.

The global pandemic COVID-19 makes 2020 a year unlike any other. We have launched the "Hold on to the Memories 2020" Cloud Exhibition for our colleagues around the world to share, support and help each other. welcome to participate!

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