#HaierLifeBetterLife with HPI

Jul.05, 2020 11:59:04 source: China net

On June 15, Haier Philippines launched the #HaierLifeBetterLife to encourage local users to share their stories with Haier by uploading stories, pictures and videos.

Till now, over 100k users participated in the activity through HPI official website and TikTok.

In the past few weeks, the Philippines has gradually lifted the nationwide lockdown, but the current local epidemic situation is still strict. During the lockdown, millions of people were unemployed and the economy was affected.

Meanwhile, Haier official flagship stores are set up at Lazada and Shopee to improve product exposure. Also, HPI launched live streaming centered on the health life scenarios with users.

To show health life solutions to users, HPI team made efforts to upgrade Haier’s image by highlighting the brand’s logo, building star models and unifying materials in the store.

Facing the double challenge of the epidemic and the market downturn, Haier Philippines focuses on interaction online and offline, which is led by the best selling models, achieving a 31% growth in June.

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