hOn, A New Way of Smart Home Experience

Jul.08, 2020 10:50:58 source: China net

hOn is the new app connecting the appliances of all our three brands – Haier, Candy and Hoover – that will allow users to manage and control appliances from a single centralized access point and to make the most of their potential, for an immersive and innovative experience, in light of our “zero distance to consumer” value!

With hOn, IoT is king and becomes the true enabler of our Company in the creation of an ecosystem built with people and their needs at its core thus switching in concept from Internet of Things to Internet of Beings.

hOn’s ambition is to adapt the Smart Home architecture consumers prefer and tailor it to their needs while integrating mobile devices, smart speakers and appliances in a single app.

Designed and developed according to the most modern standards, hOn is built on the integration of functionalities based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced algorithms and it’s user-friendly thanks to graphics, instructions and troubleshooting advice.

As protecting the cybersecurity and GDPR privacy of each user is our top priority, hOn is safe and secure by design.

A key attribute of hOn is openness as the app is able to host features, contents and external services from existing business partners such as Amazon, Google, Accenture or those that will collaborate with Haier Europe such as Vivino, a leader in the winery sector.

“With hOn we are not only launching an app, but a new way of living the Smart Home experience. The possibility of linking all our appliances and their functionalities to a single technological platform allows us to provide consumers with an extraordinary user experience, as well as a simple and intuitive tool, which is perfectly adaptable to the needs and preferences of each consumer."

hOn will be live and ready to use from July 2020 with the launch of the Hoover H-WASH 500 washing machine, and it will be progressively integrated into all the products, business and brand lines, giving Haier Europe teams access to a wide range of additional opportunities, including data analytics (in compliance with security, privacy and GDPR) on products’ usage and insights for creating new products, improving existing ones and proposing customized campaigns.

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