AQUA Ultrasonic series is delivered

Jul.09, 2020 10:00:38 source: China net

AQUA ultrasonic series’ first batch of new products successfully rolled off the washing machine division in Hefei and Jiaonan manufacturing center in July.

HA R&D team and Qingdao R&D team

Behind this special group of photos which is the efforts of the HA R&D center, Qingdao R&D team, manufacturing center and all node teams.

Ultrasound series: landing the high-end transformation

As the result of HA R&D center and Qingdao R&D team worked again to meet user needs, the ultrasonic series is equipped with ultrasonic washing, automatic placement, and an external bath water pump, which is the first in the industry.

The mentioned three modules are matched with the machine which features the automatic detergent dispensing. The product can remove the stubborn stains in areas in one minute, effectively solving users’ pain point of having to rub the collar and cuff by hand when doing laundry.

Teams: double guarantee of quality and efficiency

Due to the sudden outbreak early this year, the project team members of HA R&D center couldn’t come to work in Qingdao, making the project beome harder.

The YONEZAWA team and Liu Zun’an team, which is responsible for development in Qingdao, made active explorations on how to launch the project while ensuring quality and quantity.

They collaborated with the whole workflow to tackle issues through video link in the daytime, work overtime at night to verify the scheme, and give up holidays to exchange technical plans with all nodes.

They actively coordinated with Janpanese certification bodies and experiment institutions to ensure product specifications meet the requirements of Japanese laws and regulations.

Regrading the first batch of mass-produced products, the HA R&D center joined hands with AQUA tracked the process via videos, investigate the risk points of spare part interaction, factory entry and process control, random check and inspection, ensuring product quality.

The successful delivery of the ultrasonic project is a vivid refection of all nodes of the AQUA EMC working together to realize the market targets and meet users’ needs.

The HA R&D center continues to provide global users with upgraded Haier smart home experiences.

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