Haier Pakistan Open the No.2 Smart Home Store

Jul.10, 2020 17:59:04 source: China net

Haier Smart Home delivers all the smart IoT enabled modern and latest home appliances at DHA Phase 2 Rawalpindi on 26th June 2020. Haier Smart Home have all of Haier’s latest IoT enabled products controlled via Wi-Fi. This is second Haier smart home of its kind, first being at MM Alam Road, Lahore.

The new store can best be described as a single-stop solution for the smart household. The system empowers the customers by providing more control and access to the electrical appliances through various systems intelligently linked together.

Haier Pakistan is also conducted online live session on 27th June 2020 on site for a better view of the smart home where a large number of audience joined. The smart kitchen will provide users with a one-stop kitchen solution for purchasing, storage, cooking and cleaning. Smart living room concept uses the Haier Smart Living platform along with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology to interconnect the AC, LED lights and other network appliances with a smart TV. All that one needs to do is press a button on the remote control. The easy interface and accessibility to rest of the electrical appliances through one particular appliance is making life smart, easy and comfortable.

Under the impact of COVID-19. Our colleagues at Haier Pakistan are doing their best to guarantee the safety of employees, and resuming work and production. The sales team and the marketing team have worked closely to serve users online and offline, standing together with our partners in the most needed times. Our capacibility have increased while ensuring the highest safety standard. AC production line has reached the maximum capacity in the past 10 years. Haier Pakistan achieved a budget completion rate of 124% in June.

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