Haier Thailand Holds Online 2020 H1 Summary Meeting

Jul.23, 2020 10:32:14 source: China net

Haier Thailand Online H1 Summary Meeting

On July 17, local time, Haier Thailand(HAT) held the half year business review meeting online, summarizing the market performance in the first half of 2020 and made plans for the second half of the year.

The Haier Smart Home’s healthy scenarios were displayed through ‘UX Cloud co-streaming’, realizing online interaction with 1,000 dealers.

In H1, despite the decline in the industry, HAT increased by more than 30% for six months in a row with a 400% increase in its online orders during the pandemic, demonstrating the results achieved in high-end brand creation.

Song Yujun, vice president of Haier Smart Home Eco-Platform and CEO of South and Southeast Asia, first gave concluding guidance, in which he recognized Haier Thailand’s achievements in transformation.

Then, K.Thanes, COO in Haier Thailand, introduced the seven smart scenarios and five ecological products customized by Haier Smart Home, and extended to the localized scenario solutions such as ‘New Normal’ home appliances based on users’ needs during the pandemic.

To promote online transformation, HAT displayed the offline scenarios to more than 1,741 online viewers through the 'UX Cloud co-streaming'.

Integrating products into the smart scenarios covering clothing, food, living and entertainment, HAT connected to the real scenarios and demonstrated the new refrigerator Gen 3, the upright freezer for breast milk storage, the fresh-keeping ice bar, etc. according to users’ pain points, gaining recognition from dealers.

To enhance interaction with participants, HAT create online activities and invited them to earn surprises in games. Also, transformation training meeting was conducted to let dealers participate in the discussion about a better life.

Dealers and online partners from large local channels in Thailand all applauded the perfect experience brought to them by the co-streaming, and expressed their best wishes to HAT as well.

In H2, Haier Thailand will continue to adhere to the IoT-oriented transformation and global brand creation, join online and offline efforts, empower the whole process by establishing brand connotations and expanding dealers, to spearhead the industry transformation.

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