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Jul.28, 2020 14:44:57 source: China net

In Japan, customer flow of offline stores has dropped by more than 10% during the pandemic. The pandemic has been spreading again since July.

In order to get close to local users, AQUA Japan collaborated with SNS online platforms to create immersive user refrigerators experiences.

Displaying the features of TZ refrigerators such as ultra thinness, large-capacity zones, four YouTubers are invited to post the video of the experience from door-to-door delivery to personal use.

YouTubers expressed that they were shocked by its ultra-thin design. The posted TZ experience videos online now are gaining more than 900k views.

To display the large freezing zones of AQR-17J refrigerator, AQUA has invited active INS users to participate in an online challenge of freezer storage.

Users can feel the extraordinary storage capacity through the activity. The related videos now enjoy over 80k views. AQUA’s official INS account has gained about 4k new followers.

To meet the needs of various families in different realities in Japan, Delie refrigerators have provided different living solutions for different communities with a large freezer and visible vegetable room.

AQUA collected the user experiences shared on INS and published on a special parenting website after obtaining user consent.

One user shared, “As the increased time spent with my family, the frequency of using the refrigerator increases. We made chocolate cakes together, the spacious design of 'Delie' touched me."

During the epidemic, AQUA Japan listened to users' needs for a healthy life, created smart and healthy scenario solutions online.

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