Haier Thailand 2020 H1 Retail Stars

Jul.31, 2020 14:41:19 source: China net

In H1, Haier Thailand increased by more than 30% for 6 months and achieved the growth of revenue and profits.

To lead the market in Thailand, sales consultants team has always been the Mainstay of Haier Thailand's development. In the past H1, how did they help HAT continue to reverse growth?

Jirasak: H1 117% target completion rate, YOY increasing 63%

During the lockdown period, Jirasak decided to make online transformation - carry out the ‘Haier day’ Live Streaming. Also, he selects one key model every day according to the stock and coordinate the promotion price with channel, achieving a win-win situation.

Pornteewa: H1 124% target completion rate, YOY increasing 47%

Pornteewa has carried out 44 activities H1. Also, he promoted the "dynamic matching of promoters and stores" to provide promotion opportunities for sales consultants.

Jessada: Q2 completion rate reached 366%

Jessada purchased drinks and invited customers to participate in making smoothies through 2-door refrigerators. He gained the average monthly sales of 2-door refrigerators reached 15 sets.

Charuek: H1 124% completion rate, the TOP1 share in his store

During the lockdown period, Charuek adjusted the daily work plan in time to cover the lost sales. He will alos deliver and install personally for customers if they have urgent needs.

Wara: Q2 200% completion rate, high-end products accounted for 63%

Wara always use the demonstration way of explain and conduct power to help customers experience the products function. Thus, he has won the trust of users and promoted the sales of high-end products.

Thitiwat: Q2 185% completion rate, the TOP1 share in his store

Thitiwat likes to study other products when he was free. Put forward his conclusion and suggestions to the product manager, Thitiwat promoted the launching of 4-door big capacity REF.

Thiraphat: H1 216% completion rate

Deal isn’t the ending but a new start. Thiraphat helps customers solve problems in th use of products, let them experience high quality service and improve repurchasing rate.

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