AQUA Vietnam Launch Blood Donation

Jun.01, 2020 12:02:07 source: China net

AQUA Vietnam Launches Voluntary Blood Donation

On May 23, AQUA Vietnam, along with Miss Vietnam 2020’s Organization Board, had launched a voluntary blood donation event, joining their hands to support the blood banks, which are facing a shortage of blood for medical transfusion due to COVID-19 pandemic.

During COVID-19 epidemic isolation, all activities were halted for a long time. In particular, the inability to organize voluntary blood donation activities has led to a dramatic shortage of donated blood stored at Hematology Institutes.

Conveying the message of "Giving red blood, nurturing blue hope", this voluntary blood donation has responded to the appeal of the Red Cross, and has helped to reduce the pressure of blood shortage for healthcare sector.

All blood donated from the the event will be directly transferred to 175 Military Hospital to continue treatment for patients who are in need. The event was strictly implemented follows the principles of medical safety in infection prevention: checking body temperature, equipping participants with medical masks and hand sanitizer, ensuring a safe distance between participants and between staffs.

AQUA Vietnam always pay attention to the real-time social needs. Before, AQUA Vietnam participated in Help Cleft Lip and Palate Children organized by Operation Smile Vietnam to help the children restore the looks and return to normal life. During the difficult days of trying to fight against the COVID-19 fears, AQUA Vietnam has practiced its corporate social responsibility with all sectors of society.

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