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Jun.05, 2020 9:59:31 source: China net

Affected by the local government’s anti-epidemic measures such as lockdown and traffic control, door-to-door services are unavailable in some area of Pakistan. At present, Pakistan has entered the hottest season, and users’ demand for home appliances has increased. To ensure users’ normal life, Haier Pakistan service team quickly started the campaign to finish the door to door service request for users before the Eid al-Fitr. At present, 70% of the remaining orders have been completed, and it is expected to return to normal level by the end of May. During the Eid al-Fitr, the local service team also arranged staff on duty to ensure timely service for users during the holiday.

Since March 24, Pakistan’s service team has gradually resumed work, and its guarantee system for the resumption of work has been fully implemented. The local team provides all-round guarantee in terms of resumption of work, measures on site and operation mechanism to ensure the satisfaction of users and the safety of our team members.

Resumption of work

The employees use DingTalk to declare their health status every day and keep track of their body temperature. Also, an emergency plan for personnel health has been put in place. Returned employees are divided into several groups; grid-based management was adopted in the office; morning meetings, training and other work are moved online, all to reduce people-to-people contact.

Measures on site

Intensified efforts are made to disinfect office areas, plants maintenance, spare parts are sent out from the warehouse in different time without any contact, with each service engineer equipped with a spare parts box; the nine-step method for engineers’ door-to-door service ensures the safety of users and engineers.

Operation mechanism

The headquarters team and the local team hold a daily meeting at 9:00 via the Zoom system. Incentive policies for service engineers and service providers are formulated to ensure the efficient operation of local services.

The Pakistan team also shared China’s successful anti-epidemic experience in the local area, and the persons in charge also took the lead. At the same time, excellent service cases and users’ positive comments are demonstrated in the released newsletters, to inspire the team to provide better services for users.

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