Haier Freezer Achieved Top1 in Japan

Jun.09, 2020 9:50:31 source: China net

Haier Japan: Launching New Freezer
Achieving Top 1

In Japan, home appliance market dropped 15% in Q1 due to the epidemic . Under the situation, Haier freezer Japan rose 122% year on year in May, ranking No.1 in market share for the first time.

Fulfilling this annual goal owns a lot to the team's endurance, persistence in meeting consumer needs and coordination in the whole process:

The market team coordinated with local sales team to explore customer needs during the epidemic, and all orders of May were completed in April in advance to guarantee market demand.

Due to the epidemic, some materials could not be in place on time. To deal with this problem, the development team adopted technical changes in design to ensure supply on schedule.

Through coordination with freezer compressor suppliers who were in hardest-hit areas in Hubei, the procuremen team acquired 2,500 compressors to firstly guarantee Japanese market orders.

When informed that door moulds limited the factory's production capacity, the mould team took only 15 days to develop two sets of door moulds, which is 20 days ahead of normal schedule.

From mid-April, the producation team initiated weekly step-wise increase of capacity in factories in Dalian. In two weeks production capability doubled with 100% product qualified rate. In May 2nd, it delivered 100 containers in one time.

The order team secured free container detention charge for 21 days to guarantee turnover capability.

In Japan, hypermarkets in urban areas all operated with shortened business hours or closed due to the epidemic. Yet K channels in suburbs turned to possess obvious advantages. The sales team quickly reacted with targeted plans for K channels to strive for getting orders. Currently, sales volume in K channel presented an increase of over 200% year on year.

Zhang Pei, person in charge of the freezer market, advocates: “Japan home appliance market has fairly strong local brands. As a foreign brand we realized our surpassing over domestic local competitors owning to fulfilling the competitiveness of self-organizing and self-driven spirit. I have been in Haier freezer team for a decade and it was my most exciting moment to know we are No. 1 in market share.”

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