Haier REF Grew by 160% in Australia

Jun.13, 2020 9:57:01 source: China net

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian refrigerator market fell by more than 10% overall in May. However, Haier refrigerators bucked the trend with a growth rate of 160% and an overall growth rate of 280% in T-door refrigerators in the local market.

Haier enters E & S, the most upmarket builder channel in Australia

Since 2020, Haier Australia has reached cooperation with a number of local builder channels.
What is definitely worth mentioning is E&S, designers’ favorite high-end retail channel for builders under Narta. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with Narta Group and its remarkable performance in the market, Haier brand has entered the E&S channel in Australia.

1.9-meter-high refrigerators enhance brand image

Haier took the lead in innovatively launching the 1.9-meter-high refrigerator in the local area, which not only supports temperature adjustment, also meets the local demand for large refrigeration space, winning five-star praises from users and boosting the sales of Haier cooling products.

Offline samples increase by over 1000

Haier Australia set the strategy of retail transformation at the beginning of the year. Facing the pandemic, Haier Australia timely collaborated with the HQ to determine plans. In just a few months, the number of Haier refrigerator samples increased by over 1000, which has improved Haier’s brand image in Australia.

4 online brand stores were built in one month

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Haier Australia has been actively exploring user demands while strengthening channel training. In just one month, Haier brand set up four online brand stores in the chain channel of Australia.

Haier Australia also posts product design, healthy recipes and other contents to users on social media, comprehensively displaying the scenarios of T-door refrigerators. In May, T-door refrigerators registered an overall growth of 280% in Australia.

Haier Australia will continue to focus on user needs and provide differentiated solutions to lead the Australia market.

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