hOn is born

Jun.15, 2020 9:56:29 source: China net

On June 9, Haier Europe held hOn Smart Solutions launch presentation for the new Multi-brand App designed to meet all your needs.

hOn is a new immersive experience in the connected environment of users’ home. To them the app is not just satisfying, it is useful: it fulfills their dreams, takes care of appliances and brings their home experience into a next level.

hOn Is Our IoT Vision Made Real

With the latest technology, advanced digital solutions, AI and machine learning for tailored and intelligent solution, advanced sensors, and the partnerships with service & products providers, hOn ensures the customized and valuable experience for users.

One Environment to Embrace All Haier EU Brands

hOn is a living ecosystem that adapts itself to brands and products. It fits in different home environments, personal lifestyles and set of owned appliances.

Designed and developed following the most advanced standards and technologies, hOn makes for a light, friendly and satisfying experience for different user need.

hOn embraces multiple brands and connects with service providers to generate real value for people, while protecting their privacy and the safety of their homes.

Consumers Benifits

◇ Simple pairing in less than 1 minute
◇ All owned appliances at a glance
◇ Voice control enabled
◇ Efficiencies monitored instantly
◇ Real-time status and tips
◇ All alerts and messages in one place
◇ Remote monitoring
◇ Quick guides to make things easier
◇ An assistant always available

hOn Adapts to All Users’ Brands

In the Haier’s smart home, hOn is only one of the enablers that give access to the connected experience. It's accessible through the whole range of smart objects that compose the ecosystem.

The hOn APP creates personalized journeys of intimate interactions. An infinite set of features is based on users' habits and behaviors, making their experience always unique and fulfilling.

Let’s start switching on hOn!

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