#Haier Live on Tour# in Thailand

Jun.19, 2020 10:29:17 source: China net

#Haier Live on Tour#in Thailand

On May 19, Haier Thailand’s “Haier Live on Tour” achieved a successful ending with the channel U, contributing to a twofold increase in the channel’s sales volume that day, exceeding the initial target.

From May 9 to 19, Haier Thailand drew on its previous experience from a series of live streaming, joined hands with 10 local customers in launching “Haier Live on Tour” to engage users in online interaction, which gained wide participation among local users.

For this activity, Haier Thailand actively conducted whole-process guidance for customers, and also attracted users through official social media platforms of Haier Thailand, enhancing the in-depth interaction and helping customers rebuild their confidence during the epidemic.

During the pandemic outbreak, most offline stores in Thailand were closed. Haier Thailand took the lead in deploying online transformation, learning from China’s online activities experience and combining it with local conditions in scenario upgrade.

As work resumes, Haier Thailand collaborates with customers to increase touch points for user interaction and boost offline sales through online interaction, assisting Haier Thailand to achieve growth despite the adverse situation.

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