127th Canton Fair:Haier Smart Home Globally Crowd Streaming

Jun.23, 2020 10:29:17 source: China net

On June 15, the 127th China Import and Export Fair (also known as“Canton Fair") opened online. At the first “Cloud Canton Fair”, Haier Smart Home demonstrated its results in creating global high-end brands, scenario brands and ecosystem brands in the form of “Experiential Cloud Crowd-streaming”. According to the data from ChinaIOL: from January to April, most enterprises saw decline in their exports, but Haier Smart Home grow by 31% despite the downward trend; also, while the average export price of the industry fell by 5%, Haier Smart Home was the only company to buck the trend, with a growth of 12%, displaying its remarkable achievements in creating high-end brands overseas.

Today, following the 24-hour seamless cross-border crowd-streaming lasting 10 days, let’s take a look at Haier Smart Home’s new highlights.

Export Scenarios

At 11:00 a.m., Haier Smart Home first opened two crowd-streaming rooms to welcome users from all parts of the world. presenting many highlights this time, Haier Smart Home is far from just a product seller, but a service provider for smart life scenarios.

In the IoT era, what users need are not single home appliance products, but scenario solutions. In this Canton Fair, the Internet of Clothes, Internet of Food and Internet of Air displayed by Haier Smart Home are scenario solutions based on the needs of global users, connecting more than 40 industrial resource parties such as clothing, home textiles, washing and dyeing, and food.

After watching through the online VR exhibition hall, a dealer from Germany, said, “I see not only high-end innovative products, but also the globalization of the ecosystem of scenarios, which has created more opportunities for the export of Chinese brands.” Five global brands of Haier, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA and Candy are on display together for the first time ever, to provide all-round smart life solutions centering around better experiences in terms of food, clothing, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Crowd-Streaming Globally

Life is full of scenarios, and everyone can become an Internet celebrity. In this Canton Fair, the crowd-streaming involving Haier and more brands are carried out worldwide at the same time, which welcome participation from users, customers and resource parties all over the world.

On the site, Haier Smart Home connected to an AQUA community laundromat in Kyoto, Japan. Planning dept. of AQUA community laundry, IoT ecosystem partners and Japanese housewives jointly participated. On IoT community laundry ecosystem platform, users can book machines online and scan the machine’s QR code to check the washing status; brand owners can also remotely monitor the stores’ operation status, which has reduced personnel investment, increased customer flow, and enhanced management efficiency.

Not only in Japan, centering around the difficulties and pain points of global users in terms of food, clothing, lifestyle, and entertainment, the five brands in the Canton Fair have all created smart home packages, including the future kitchen of GE Appliances, the social kitchen of Fisher & Paykel, smart community laundry of AQUA, and connected home appliances of Candy. In the crowd-streaming, Haier Smart Home enjoys participation from more than 12 overseas countries. It has set up sub-venues in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc., covering 6 manufacture base in the world, with the participation of dealers and ecosystem parties from 7 countries.

Having participated in the Canton Fair for 32 times, Haier Smart Home has already become an iconic Chinese brand across the world. In the context of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world stage of the Canton Fair has moved online. It has witnessed not only Haier Smart Home’s expansion from China to the outside world, but also its new stage of ecosystem-driven development in practicing “Experiential Cloud Crowd-streaming” worldwide based on the needs of global users for a better life.

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