AQUA Ref Gains a Growth of 165.7%

Jun.27, 2020 09:58:35 source: China net

AQUA Refrigerator Gains a Growth of 165.7% in Japan

In the second week of June, AQUA refrigerators grew by 165.7% year on year, exceeding the industry average in Japan. The sales of TZ series reached 256 and that of Delie series exceeded 1000.

Product: transforming to high-end

AQUA TZ series ultra-slim refrigerators first meet users’ demand for a large freezer, its ultra-slim design also fits into the compact living scenario in Japan.

The Delie series refrigerators launched in January have realized “real-time visible freshness” by itsvisualized vegetable box. These high-end large-capacity refrigerator series canretain freshness for a long time and thus meet users’need under special circumstances.

Market: strengthening cross-industry coopreation

Through cross-industry cooperation, Delie series refrigerators are marketed together with Picard, a famous frozen food brand in France, thus, users can enjoynot only the comfortable scenarios experience brought by AQUA products, butalso an ecological experience from scenerios to ingredients.

In order to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on the income of Japanese employees, AQUA has launched an optimal purchase plan of TZ refrigerators inonline and offline stores for users.

Interaction: setting up a team of 150 sales consultants

As the epidemic in Japan slowed down, regular contacts of users gradually increased, and the AQUA team planned in advance to set up a sales consultants team of 150 people. Under the premise of protection measures, they strengthened interaction with users deeply and efficiently.

AQUA will continue to provide differentiated scenario solutions for more local users while accelerating the landing of ecological brands.

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