Haier Japan Sent Masks to Users as Gift

Jun.28, 2020 11:18:02 source: China net

To support epidemic prevention and meet users’needs, Haier Japan collected 100,000 masks and has been giving them away to users as gifts through after-sales service engineers when delivering door-to-door services since June 5.

During the outbreak, local offline interaction in Japan was blocked. In response, Haier Japan connected all links to respond to users’ needs and provide non-contact service.

In case of urgent needs for on-site service, with user’s consent and sound protective measures, the engineer went to provide reassuring service for the user in the least time possible, and provide masks as well.

Meanwhile, Haier Japan has upgraded experience scenarios for users. In the new life season, it invited local users to participate in the TikTok Challenge, initiated the “spot the differences” game on theme days, and started “#stayhome” online interaction, to jointly experience Haier’s smart home scenarios.

In this special period, Haier Japan guarantees uninterrupted after-sales service as user-centered, improving their favorability for Haier brand while actively shouldering corporate social responsibilities.

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