On December 17, AQUA Indonesia hosted two events.

At the Rumah Anak Pondok Kasih orphanage, AQUA employees delivered televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, school supplies and more to 37 children. This is the third time this year that AQUA Indonesia has made a donation for the orphans. In addition to material donations, AQUA Indonesia staffs also tried to get to know the children, play games with them, learn about their daily life, and give them the care and support like family. For the orphans, care and companionship are what they need most.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's AQUA series of user interaction events Mall to Mall were held in surabaya city. Indonesia has always believed that home should be the birth place of happiness. providing Indonesian users with a pleasant home environment is always a goal for Indonesia AQUA. AQUA Indonesia's fridges and washing machines have bacome the TOP5 brand in terms of sales and volume. Kenji Sadayuki, President of AQUA Indonesia, said that AQUA Indonesia has always been committed to creating differentiated products that meet the needs of its users. Such as Magic Cooling, the refrigerators specialized for making cold drinks; aroma self-cleaning AC for Indonesian households who likes aroma and washing machines with hijab program for Indonesia, the country with the biggest Muslim popularity, areentering the homes of a growing number of Indonesian users.

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