On January 7, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Haier, who has just announced the entry to the stage of ecosystem branding strategy, showcased its latest innovations in smart home. Haier Smart Home uses more than 40 smart products to build smart home spaces according to users’ needs. From a simple reading scenario in the bedroom to the whole house full suite demands can be customized according to user’s needs.

Smart kitchen, smart living room, smart closet and other scenario experience center were crowded with visitors in Haier exhibition area.

GE Appliances shares visions of the way our homes will change in the future including kitchen concepts personalized to the needs of each person in the home, one that grows its own produce, and evolves over time.

“At GE Appliances, our driving force is to eliminate the distance between what we make and what our consumers need, and it propels us to imagine what’s to come,” said Shawn Stover, vice president of Smart Home Solutions, GE Appliances. “We ask ourselves daily, ‘What If?’ -- and it is these inquisitive explorations that drives our CES 2020 expressions from the transformative concepts in our booth to our live sessions on stage featuring thought-leaders throughout the world.”

At the ceremony of 35th anniversary of Haier Group, Haier announced that it had entered the sixth strategy stage: ecosystem brand strategy and Haier Smart Home APP was also launched on the occasion. This CES, it can be seen that Haier Smart Home is accelerating the customization of life scenarios for global users, so that more users can enjoy a smart life.

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