On January 18th, Haier Philippines’ employee came to the Disaster Resettlement Center to deliver relief materials to help the survivors of Taal incident.

In a week after the eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines, about 150,000 people were evacuated from the dangerous area. The victims were displaced and schools closed.

On January 18th, Haier Philippines employees representatives came to the Disaster Resettlement Center to help the survivors of Taal incident today! Over 200 families were reached out and given goods such as clothings, food, medicine, hygenic products that can help them every day. Employees from Haier Phillippines also played games with children and gave psychological guidance to them.

Yan Xuhong, the Microenterprise Owner of Haier Philippines, expressed that, “Undertaking social responsibility is one of Haier's basic values. We hope to bring warmth to the victims through our assistance.”

Under the leadership of the local government and with the help of all sectors of society, the victims of Batangas Province will overcome the disaster and recover their normal life very soon.

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