Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, the shortage of epidemic control materials has become the focus of concern. On January 27, Haier Smart Home launched a campaign of global donation. Within 2 days, Haier branches from different countries and regions raised donations worth more than $ 500,000, including the protective masks, protective suits, goggles and other urgently needed medical supplies. The first batch of donated materials has been sent to China by air.

In the U.S., local demands of masks and other protective gear are also rising rapidly, resulting inventory shortage in many retail stores. In the last few days, our GE Appliances team went above and beyond and secured millions of medical supplies according to China's epidemic prevention needs. GEA employees volunteered to load the supplies into containers on Friday at the materials section in our washing machine plant, getting them ready to ship to China.

Haier Europe contacted medical suppliers for protection suits, goggles and surgical masks as soon as it got the breaking news. To guarantee the protective goggles fit the MLA standards, Corrado, the head of procurement once communicated with Qingdao HQ for times on the details, and asked the professionals on the standards to guarantee the aids be helpful in struggle with virus. At present, the first $ 150,000 items have been ready for shipping.

Haier Russia also looked for medical materials from local cities like Kazan, Moscow and Chelny. Even purchased the medical materials, it was still hard to load with the heavy snow. On Jan. 31, the first batch of medical supplies was loaded in Moscow with the joint efforts of Haier Russia people. However, there was no direct flight on that day. Through coordination with related sides, finally, the medical supplies was transported to China by the direct flight on Feb. 2.

By Jan. 30, Haier Europe purchased medical supplies including 2,000 protection suits, 8,302 pairs of goggles and 10,000 3M surgical masks to help Wuhan win the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Every member of our AQUA team sets their own procurement targets. They contacted every external partners, tried every means to search for the epidemic protective supplies. When searching the customer information, Haier Japan found a company that sold the needed products. They contacted the firm immediately and ordered a batch of protective suits. Haier Japan R&D Center contacted their external parterners. After coordinating with multiple parterners, they finally ordered 800 sets of masks with eye protection function through medical channels. AQUA community laundary micro-entreprise also contacted detergent suppliers who also produced medical protective equipments, and successfully ordered a batch of medical goggles. Our employees are making their own contributions by purchasing masks through online channels such as Rakuten and Amazon, as well as offline channels such as cosmeceuticals stores. The amount is not huge because of the purchase restriction. 5 or 10 masks. Small contributions made big difference. At present, the donated materials are gathered and perpared to be sent to China at full speed.

Haier India gathered the strength of 40 branches covering 7 regions in India, and purchased 10,000 masks, 2,000 pairs of goggles and 100 sets of protective suits in one day.

Haier Nigeria purchased a total of 5,000 surgical masks and 2,004 medical goggles from two major local medical supplies companies right after they got the message about Wuhan. Freight is expensive, and time is limited. Haier Nigeria chose UPS to airlift the donated materials to Qingdao.

Haier Nigeria's partners are also mobilising their resources in the UK, Australia and Indonesia to find more medical supplies for the situation.

Haier Thailand searched for suppliers and purchased 5,000 surgical masks and 11,600 protective facial masks in Thailand immediately to support the fight against pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

On Jan. 31, Haier Malaysia sent the only 400 N95 masks to Wuhan. As the Business Manager Ms. Leong got the breaking news in her hometown, she went back to Kuala Lumpur as soon as she can to look for the medical supplies to fight against the virus. At that time, the N95 masks have been out of stock on the market. With the help of the business partner, Ms. Leong got the contacts of local medical suppliers and contacted them. After verified the details of the medical materials, she purchased the only 400 N95 masks, and then sent them to Wuhan to help in the battle against virus.

Haier overseas teams from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain and etc. are also trying their best to find the needed materials for Wuhan.

Together with Qingdao customs and logistics partners, Haier Smart Home is racing with time to send the needed materials to China at the full speed.

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